About Confitmo

Confitmo stands for Construction, Fitting and Assembly and is a sole proprietorship which has received its existence in 2000 and of which I am the only employee. In general my work ís focused on the petrochemical and industrial On- and Offshore. As a fitter I’ve started the construction and fitting of pipelines, Torque & Bolt-Tensioning flange connections and the assembly of Glass reinforced epoxy in the On- and Offshore industry for several companies. Over the years up to 2010 I managed to work my self up from fitter to mechanical supervisor and have this done with passion and pleasure over the years. The last years I have concentrated myself more on coordinating projects involving petrochemicals project preparation in the offshore industry and has become one of my core business. To act in this function, which has been the correct follow up from the previous job, the experience I have gained over the past 15 to 20 years is ideal and has been successful for the last 6 years at various companies.

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